Multi-Vendor Maintenance Service Across Canada

One Hour Response

Brains II Solutions, Inc. engineers are on duty 24 / 7 / 365. And because they average less than two calls per day, their response time is exceptional. Once dispatched, an engineer will contact the customer within 20 minutes. For critical problems, these professionals are usually on site in two hours or less, with the average being less than one hour. All service personnel, from dispatch to logistics, are equipped with 2-way communication devices for quick and easy access.

Our customers repeatedly praise our service staff for their exceptional response time.

Bilingual Call Center / Help Desk

Once a service call is placed, Help Desk immediately determines the severity of the problem. Their technical skills and access to trouble shooting guides allow them to better determine the customer’s service needs and whether our Technical Support Specialists can solve the problem immediately over the phone.

If service is required they will dispatch a  Service Technician to your location, monitor repair times and manage the escalation procedure as needed.

A major component of the Brains II service model is the BSMART service management application. BSMART is a custom application that has been written to Brains II specifications.  Currently,BSMART handles thousands of calls a month, and manages a database of over 500,000 supported devices.  It monitors all aspects of call handling, from escalation to logistics management.  BSMART constitutes an import aspect of Brains II’s support for our network of technicians across the country, which in turn supports our many clients, including those customers with extensive branch networks requiring prompt, reliable delivery of hardware maintenance services.  BSMART manages the entire service delivery process, including:

  • Call Dispatch
  • Call Escalation
  • Parts Management
  • Reporting

Escalation Procedure

In case of an emergency, Brains II follows a well-documented Escalation Procedure to quickly bring a broad range of resources to assist the situation. Service Controllers, Technical Experts and Senior Management are brought together to guarantee customer satisfaction, no matter what it takes.

The Brains II Escalation Procedure can also be tailored to meet a customer’s specific needs and is automated through our eService offering.

Quality Assurance

To ensure the quality of our service, Brains II engineers will call the customer the day after the service work is completed; making sure that the equipment is functioning properly. In many instances, a questionnaire will be sent for feedback on our service and how to make it even better.

Preventative Maintenance

Depending on the equipment, Brains II will conduct routine Preventative Maintenance such as testing, adjustments, audits and cleaning to prevent problems before they occur.

In critical areas, Brains II helps its customers build rigorous schedules to ensure systems are consistently operational and meet the needs of the most demanding mission-critical environments.

Parts and Sparing

Through purchases and acquisitions, Brains II invested more than 20 million dollars in its extensive inventory of spare parts, sub-assemblies, test equipment, bench repair facilities and complete test and loaner machines. Branches across the country stock their own inventory of spare parts based on anticipated need. A sophisticated Logistics System controls the location and movement of product ensuring it is delivered in the most expeditious manner.
Brains II can customize a plan that suits the customer whether that involves keeping spare sub-assemblies or entire systems at the customer site or inventorying a pre-configured part on our shelf.

Manufacturer Support

Brains II has access to top-level technical support directly from the leading manufacturers.

Brains II subscribes to technical databases from the manufacturers and all engineering updates are monitored so that we can be proactive in installing them and in helping solve potential problems before they occur.

Service Plans

At Brains II, our goal is to help our customers to stay productive and connected to a reliable systems environment, with minimum downtime and disruption. Brains II understands that requirements vary, so we offer a variety of flexible service plans for all budgets and coverage needs.

Full Coverage

Onsite service with guaranteed response for a fixed charge including all parts and labour. Best service response to meet coverage and SLA requirements.

Block Time

Discounted Time and Materials rate based on a prepaid amount. Acts like a blanket purchase order.

Time and Materials

Best-effort service –pay as you go

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