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A major component of the Brains II Solutions, Inc. service model is the BSMART service management application.  BSMART is a custom application that has been written to Brains II specifications.   Currently, BSMART handles thousands of calls a month, and manages a database of over 500,000 supported devices.   It monitors all aspects of call handling, from escalation to logistics management.  BSMART constitutes an important aspect of Brains II’ support for our network of technicians across the country, which in turn supports our many clients, including those customers with extensive branch networks that require prompt, reliable delivery of hardware maintenance services.

BSMART manages the entire service delivery process, including the following:

  • Call dispatch
  • Call escalation
  • Parts management
  • Reporting
  • Call Dispatch

Service calls are placed with the Customer Help Desk via our 800 lines.   Our dispatchers provide bilingual service on a 7 x 24 basis.   In addition to phone-initiated service calls, the capacity exists in BSMART to electronically interface with a Customer’s in-house system automating the process or Customers without an in-house help desk can connect through the facility.   At the present time, 60 % of all service calls are placed through BSMART.

B -SMARTlink
BSMARTlink allows our customers access to the Call Management module of Brains II Service Management And Repair Tracking (BSMART).   Authorized customer users can open service calls, monitor, escalate open calls as well as generate call service reports.

BSMARTlink benefits those customers who do not have an in-house service call management system as it allows them to manage service calls and monitor the performance of their equipment over a period of time.   Access to a customer’s BSMART records is restricted by a profile that includes user ID and password.   Each profile is authorized by the customer prior to its creation in BSMART by their Brains II  Service Consultant.

Once logged in, the user can:

  • Open a service call by equipment serial number or by location number, as this information is already contained in BSMART fields
  • Review the status of a specific service call, or all open calls. The BSMARTlink interface is real-time so the user will receive up-to-date information about Brains II activities to successfully resolve the reason for the service call
  • Escalate the status of a specific service call which will initiate a Brains II internal service management processes; including contacting the user and providing an update of the service activities
  • Generate service history report detailing, by location or by hardware serviced; when service activities were conducted; what parts were replaced, and whether or not Brains II met the SLA.

Service Level Management

Brains II has adopted an SLA driven service delivery methodology integrated directly into the BSMART system.   Each device and contract is matched to an SLA.   When a call is opened, BSMART sets up an SLA timeline.   Key metrics include:

  • Acknowledgement of call receipt by the technician
  • Time the technician contacts the customer
  • Arrival of technician at the customer site, and
  • Time the technician completes the call to the customer’s satisfaction

Field Escalation Management

If any of these metrics are in jeopardy of being missed the call is escalated to the team leader and a Brains II Service Delivery Branch Manager to determine the appropriate course of action.

Our intuitive service delivery methodology  can scan all open calls by the minute, and will generate a pro-active escalation as a call approaches its SLA limit.   Once an SLA is in jeopardy of being missed, the Team Leader will page the technician, the team leader and service delivery manager until the SLA or ETA is updated and acknowledged.   Alerts can also be group paged for critical server calls.   This provides awareness to all levels of technical and managerial staff and ensures that all are actively working on the outage.


Brains II has adopted a Blackberry two-way pager as an integral part of our service delivery methodology.

The pager is integrated into the Brains II BSMART service management application and allows the technician to:

Provide live updates to call status including committing to a call, providing an arrive on-site time and logging the arrival time.

Review the call details, including type of equipment, serial number location, and any information regarding the nature of the problem.

  • Order parts and query for status of outstanding parts orders
  • E-mail within Brains II and to Customers
  • Fax information regarding call details, stock status, technician customer summaries
  • Access live status queries directly from the system
  • Provide live updates to BSMARTlink customers

Automated Call Tracking

Brains II also offers customers the ability to electronically interface their in-house service system to Brains II Services Management and Repair Tracking System (BSMART).   The Brains II secure in-house BSMART system is used by our Customer Help Desk to open service calls, track their progress, escalate, and close calls when completed.

Bi-directional links receive call request information from the customer’s system, processes the information and creates an open service call in BSMART. Once the information has been processed through BSMART, the system can send an acknowledgement to the customer’s Call Management System.    The acknowledgement would include the Brains II BSMART reference call number (that is used for all future inquiries related to the call), the reply code and the call time stamp.

This automated interface also provides the BSMART service call update information to be downloaded back to the customer’s Call Management System.   This allows the customer to view the progress of the service calls in real-time through their own in-house Call Management System.

Benefits to Customers:

  • Quickly open and inquire on their service calls without having to send a fax or call the Customer Help Desk
  • View real-time service call update/status information directly from their own in-house Call Management System
  • Reduce Help Desk time in managing and updating calls
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