Brains II Solutions, Inc. is a leading provider of manufacturer-independent IT maintenance services to many of Canada’s largest companies, resellers, outsourcers and government agencies. Customers large and small rely on our multi-vendor, multi-platform and multi-layered approach to help them consolidate the Services and Support of their IT infrastructures, for improved efficiency, manageability, flexibility, security and cost control.

Brains II employs one of Canada’s most experienced IT service teams nationwide. Our many service authorizations and Business Partnerships ensure that we receive the most comprehensive manufacturers’ technical support, which further strengthens our expertise and the support we provide to our customers.

Brains II is a privately held company, with considerable assets. We are financially strong and debt-free. Headquartered in Markham, Ontario, we provide IT maintenance services in over 100 cities across Canada. Since our incorporation in 1979, several strategic acquisitions, including Circle Computers (1995), Focus Technologies (1996), Memorex Telex (1997) and NexInnovations’ Technical Services division (2007) have enabled us to expand our range of services. The benefit to our customers is simple – Brains II is extremely well-positioned to help organizations maximize their technology investments and minimize the costs and risks associated with managing their IT infrastructure.

Our Mission

At Brains II, our mission is to help our customers consolidate their IT infrastructures for improved:

  • Efficiency
  • Manageability
  • Flexibility
  • Security
  • Cost control

We focus on four main areas that we believe deliver the most value to our customers:

  • Providing multi-vendor, multi-platform, multi-layered computer service solutions for Enterprise wide support and single point of contact
  • Focusing on the business needs of customers. Our consultative, customer-oriented approach means we begin every engagement by taking the time to understand each customer’s business and processes
  • Providing cross-industry technology service solutions with a qualified, certified team of consultants and an extensive nationwide network of strategic partners and facilities
  • Maximizing the value of customers’ technology investments by providing long term service plans regardless of age of equipment, or manufacturer, or even if the manufacturer has discontinued service directly

When you do business with Brains II, you’ll get the best return on your technology investment while realizing the lowest total cost of ownership for service. Since Brains II’s focus is SERVICE delivery, the most successful product/solution providers have chosen Brains II as their preferred Service Partner. This cooperation between Brains II and leading solution providers offers immeasurable benefits to the Customer. Brains II views your environment from your perspective and cooperates with whomever you choose to integrate new solutions into that environment.

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